Jim Garlow

“To the extent that we will teach biblical principles to government, and to the extent that a nation will follow them, to that extent human pain, suffering and poverty will be reduced.”

Dan Fisher

“When Jefferson said, ‘There’s a wall of separation,’ he meant to protect the church from the government.”

Mat Staver

“Let’s never ever ever allow this to happen again and the best way to do it is to teach your people and you register them to vote.”

Steve Riggle

“Those in power were not elected primarily to keep you safe, they were elected to protect your rights.”

James Robison

“We need to make a kingdom impact right now with one of the most challenging times in the history of our nation, I believe we are gonna make that impact.”

Tony Perkins

“Our goal is to expand the base, getting Christians educated . . . helping them to integrate their faith in their walk . . . making sure they are registered to vote.”

Video Series Highlights

Jim Garlow - Well Versed

Jim Garlow - Well Versed

Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel

Mat Staver - Liberty Counsel

Steve Riggle - Grace International

Steve Riggle - Grace International

Registering Christian Voters through Their Churches

The Jonathan Project Leadership Series

by Jim Garlow | "Teaching Biblical Principles to Government Leaders"